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2010 Special Series Audio Downloads

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2010 Missions Conference

Play • 6-23-10: PM - Missions And The Local Church- Missionary Jerry Wilhite

Play • 6-23-10: PM - Missions Is God's Heartbeat- Evangelist Lou Difilippantonio

Play • 6-24-10: PM - America Needs Christ- Evangelist Lou D.

Play • 6-24-10: PM - Doing The Impossible- Missionary Jeff Christian

Play • 6-24-10: PM - Doing What We Can Where We Are With What We Have-Bro. Wilhite

Play • 6-25-10: PM - Rachel's Desire- Missionary Jeff Christian

Play • 6-25-10: PM - There's Something God Wants You To Know- Evangelist Lou D.

Play • 6-27-10: SS - Forward By Faith- Missionary Jerry Wilhite

Play • 6-27-10: AM - Forgotten Partner In Missions- Missionary Jeff Christian

Play • 6-27-10: PM - Who's On The Throne Of Your Life?- Missionary Jerry Wilhite


2010 Revival Meetings With Evangelist Steve Hart

Play ~ 9-22-10: PM- The Danger When The Heart Isn't Right With God- Evangelist Steve Hart

Play ~ 9-24-10: PM- Wait On The Lord I Say Wait- Evangelist Steve Hart

Play ~ 9-25-10: PM- Is It Really That Hard?- Evangelist Steve Hart

Play ~ 9-26-10: SS- Spirit Of The Living God- Evangelist Steve Hart

Play ~ 9-26-10: AM- Some Things That Cannot Be Fixed- Evangelist Steve Hart

Play ~ 9-26-10: PM- How Far Are We Willing To Go?- Evangelist Steve Hart


New Years Eve Service

Play ~ 12-31-10: I Thought- Nathanael Jossund

Play ~ 12-31-10: The Deeds Of The Nicolaitanes- Pastor Ben Jossund


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