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Ministries for Everyone


Bible Study and Sunday School: Come study the Bible with us on Sundays at 10:00. Classes are provided for every age group, nursery through senior adults.


Worship Services: These services are held each Sunday at 11:00 and 6:00 pm. Wednesday night is our midweek service at 7:00. This service is like a catapult to your Christian walk to get you through the week to the Lord’s Day. The Wednesday service has uplifting singing, a Bible study from God’s Word, and a prayer meeting. During the school year, the King's Kids (our children’s ministry) meets beginning at 6:30 and ending at the same time as the prayer meeting.


Twin Ports Baptist School: In a nation when the status quo for education is God-defying and less than scholarly, we decided to found school for the purpose of teaching our children scholastically as well as train them spiritually. Our goal is to provide a balance of Bible, academics, and athletics. The school is a ministry to the families that attend Twin Ports Baptist Church. more info.


Twin Ports Baptist Bible Institute: TPBBI was started in 1993 as a part of our commitment to seeing God call and train people through the ministry of Twin Ports Baptist Church.  TPBBI is a local church ministry with the primary purpose of training people for full-time ministry and the secondary purpose of instructing lay people for the work of the ministry. more info.


Nursery: Every service we offer a clean, professional, safe nursery for children ages 0-3. With 300 sq. ft. of learning and playing area, the children are well cared for.


Music Ministry: We have a lively Adult Choir, Teen Choir, Children’s Choir, special ensembles and groups, soloists, duets, trios and quartets. Traditional Music is a mainstay.


Teen Ministries: The heart of the church is its teens. There are monthly teen activities that provide the fellowship that teens enjoy in a Christ-honoring setting. Most of the teens in the church are active in the bus ministry and other ministries. There are special teen classes for them on Sunday morning. They go to youth rallies and crusades and build lasting friendships in a Christ-centered environment.


Youth Camp: Jr. and Sr. camp are exciting events every year. Our young people enjoy swimming, horseback riding, great team activities, and of course powerful preaching. Many have made life changing decisions at camp. Families are encouraged to go and are welcome either week.


Television Ministry: We are privileged to broadcast our services three days a week over local cable channels. Many people who are elderly or ill are able to watch the services and be encouraged.


Children’s Church: Children who attend Sunday mornings go to a specialized service constructed for their age group. They learn songs, play games, earn prizes and learn truths from God's Word that will stay with them their whole lives.


King's Kids: During the school year, we run vans to bring children to King's Kids every Wednesday evening. Children ages 5-12 memorize Scripture, compete in Bible drills and other games, and practice for the King's Kids Choir. The children's choir performs on the first Sunday morning of each month in the main church service. This gives the children an opportunity to serve God publicly. In addition to the music and activities, men from the church rotate teaching the children lessons from God's Word. King's Kids is the highlight of our children's week.


Vacation Bible School: A week of intense fun and activity where children learn Bible truths.


Bus Ministry: Every Sunday, buses and vans leave our parking lot to pick up little children, teens, adults and elderly who, for one reason or another, cannot get to church on their own.


Visitation: The best way to get some one the truth of God's Word is by word-of-mouth. Every week members visit people who are sick, hurting or shut-in. They also visit going door-to-door telling people about the Lord.


Nursing Homes: Every week a group of ministering Christians go into local nursing homes to reach out to those senior saints that are not able to attend church, so we take church to them.


Discipleship: After an individual accepts Christ as Savior, we try to help them grow in the Lord with Basic Bible Lessons to assist a young Christian in growing to be a mature Christian.


World Wide Missions: Missions is “someone going somewhere to tell someone about Christ.” Our church supports missionaries around the world through faith-promise missions giving. In addition to giving, we also try practice sending. We currently have two missionary families serving in foreign countries sent out through our church, while also supporting over 30 others through like-minded ministries. We also want to go where we are able. Every year, our Junior and Seniors from our school go on a foreign missions trip. We feel like this helps give them a heart for missionaries, the lost around the world, and what part God would have them play in carring out the Great Commision. For a video on the Mission of the Church, click here.


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