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Twin Ports Baptist Bible Institute




Twin Ports Baptist Bible Institute is a local church ministry with the primary purpose of training people for full-time ministry and the secondary purpose of instructing lay people for the work of the ministry.  The curriculum used is the institute material developed by Bible Baptist Church in Oak Harbor, Washington.  This curriculum was developed for use by churches in training men for the ministry.  We also adapt this material to our ministry and supplement it with our own material and study.


Our schedule of subjects is available.  We teach 4-6 subjects each year in a cyclical fashion requiring 4 years to complete the course of study.  Each student takes the subjects that are being taught the year he begins and remains in the program until he cycles through all the required subjects.  In this manner (by not teaching all the subjects for all four years every year), we are able to teach with a small staff all the subjects necessary. 


Classes are held on site one night each week for three hours.  These classes, in my opinion, are the equivalent of many more hours of class time from my college days because each student possesses a complete set of typed notes instead of dictating the notes which is a very slow process.  We are able to cover far more material in the class hour, coupled with many writing assignments and weekly quizzes and tests, the student is instructed and tested thoroughly to assure mastery of the subject.


Classes are taught by the Pastor and qualified staff who are all bible college graduates.  After successfully completing the four year course of study, a Graduate of Theology Degree (ThG.) is awarded.  Twin Ports Baptist Bible Institute was started in 1993 as a part of our commitment to seeing God call and train people through the ministry of Twin Ports Baptist Church. 




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